How To Properly Track Your Progress [PART 3] - Jamie Mac Fitness


Make sure you've read through Parts 1 & 2 before you go Part 3.

Part 1 - Tracking Tool #1
Part 2 - Tracking Tool #2

You now know two out of the 4 main tracking tools you need to accurately track & measure your progress.

It's time for the 3rd. 

tracking tool #3 - progress pictures

Pictures are arguably the BEST way to track and measure your progress out of all 4. Why? Because they paint the clearest picture of what's going on and have the least amount of variables that can throw things off (provided you're taking them correctly & using them at the right times  -which i'm about to go over).

To ensure accuracy and consistency:

  • Take under the same lighting each time
  • Use the same camera each time
  • Wear the same or similar type clothing
  • Take from the same distance and angle each time
  • Take in the morning (it's becoming a theme huh?) before you've consumed anything and ideally after you've gone to the toilet.
  • Use the same pose each time (in each angle).

Although pictures are an invaluable tool for measuring progress, changes are often hard to see when comparing from week to week or even bi-weekly. I would not recommend putting your weekly pictures up side-by-side to compare yourself as the likely minimal visible changes could negatively impact your motivation.

However, if you have a coach (like me) to send your photos to for evaluation, then doing so every two weeks is appropriate as they'll have much more expertise in doing so.

Otherwise, I suggest taking your pictures every 4 weeks. Not only is this timeline a more accurate indicator of progress, it's very useful for motivation as you'll be much more likely to see noticeable changes.

  • Ideally use a tripod or get someone else to take them for you. If those are not viable options, then use the mirror selfie style (as shown below). Just make sure flash is off.
  • Take front, side, and back angles. If you're doing the selfie style the back angle will be tough. So in this case its fine to get the front and side.
  • Shed the tarp and wear boxers/briefs 
  • Use the bullet points above to ensure accuracy and consistency.

As a final note, pictures are a great way to measure your progress but only when used at the right times & in conjunction with the other tracking tools. 

Do not go putting your week to week pictures up side by side expecting to see major changes, especially if you know you'll be disappointed if you don't. 

 Instead, compare your before and after's every 4 weeks if you don't have a coach. This way you'll see positive changes in your physique, increase motivation and adherence, and be fu*king proud of what you've achieved.