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My Story

I'm Jamie MacDonald, founder and owner of Jamie Mac Fitness.

Up until 2013, I played soccer at the highest level in Calgary, Canada. I spent 5 years playing for my University team with 3 of those years serving as team captain. My whole life revolved around being a high-level athlete and being apart of a team.

I made the decision to take a step back from the game I love shortly after I graduated and entered the workforce (more on that soon). It wasn't an easy decision but was one I felt I needed to make in order to allow for some free time when not working the 9-5. 

It didn't take very long before my body began to change in a negative way. I started to lose the definition I had and added a fair amount of bodyfat. Needless to say it was an unfamiliar position to be in as playing 6-7 days a week made it pretty hard to be anything but lean. It's easy to understand that now, but at the time with a lack of knowledge in energy inputs/outputs, I was confused and frustrated. 

My confidence began to dwindle and I began avoiding social gatherings especially those that involved being shirtless. 

I wasn't happy with the way I looked AND felt. Again, being out of shape and lacking confidence was the exact opposite from what I was used to. Add that to the fact that I missed being apart of a team & was working a job I didn't enjoy, it's safe to say I fell into a pretty dark space.

I developed pretty debilitating anxiety which led to depression. The feelings associated with both of these caused me fall further out of shape both physically and mentally. This lasted for the better part of two years and by the end I was a shell of my old self. It was at this point where I was no longer going to accept that. I knew I was the only one who could help me. 

I believed that if I could improve the way I looked, I'd erase all of those feelings and be completely fulfilled. I turned to fitness and like most, I found the latest and greatest program and diet and went all in. When the results didn't match expectations, I'd start a different one. This cycle repeated itself and before I knew it I had probably tried 10 different diets and 20-30 different training programs. Although I was able to lose a few lbs and add a bit of muscle with some of those, the time, restriction, and social isolation that they all required were not worth the limited results I was getting. Further, they were contributing to my anxiety and depression as a result.

Without boring you with all of the details, I took things into my own hands, got educated, traded the suit for sweat pants and jumped two feet into the fitness industry. 

Fast forward several years and not only am I completely out of that hole, but am in the best place I've ever been. I've regained all of the confidence I lost and then some, and built a body i'm proud of all while improving every other area of my life. With the systems I've incorporated over time, I've been able to fit the whole fitness thing into my lifestyle, restriction free and on my own terms. 

And this is why I want to help you do the same. Because I know I wasn't the first ex-athlete to fall out of shape and lose their confidence, and I know I'm not the last. 

Contact me to start your own transformation so you can change the game once and for all.