Ex Athlete Transformation Coach

Become the best version of yourself 

Frustrated by the lack of LONG-TERM results?
Sick of the ridiculous amount of effort & sacrifice it seems to take to see any sustainable progress?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Far from it. The fitness industry does a pretty good job making things as confusing as possible. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with scams, gimmicks, and quick-fixes.  It's no surprise over 95% of diets fail over the long-term.

I'm here to change that.

If you're ready to eliminate all the bullsh*t & get in the best physical and mental shape of your life using the most simple, flexible and effective methods possible, you've come to the right place. 

Training protocols designed to maximize results while spending less time in the gym 

Specific training form, techniques and protocols proven to maximize muscle growth/retention while fueling your metabolism for faster and more efficient fat loss.

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    Frequency-based with emphasis on progressive overload
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    Tempo-training to enhance muscle growth, motor control and injury prevention/healing
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    Proper muscular isolation & contraction
  • Optimal exercise selection & rep ranges
  • Instructional videos & explanations to ensure proper technique
  • Ongoing program optimizations/adjustments based on personal progression and preference to ensure optimal results

nutrition protocols designed for flexibility and practicality

Evidence based nutrition protocols that allow you to be in control of your diet, thus fitting it into your lifestyle, rather than having it dictate it. Instead you'll be given individualized nutritional parameters to work within, to promote optimal results while encouraging lifestyle gains.

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    Customized nutrition workbooks with calorie/macronutrient adjustments based on individual progress
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    Sample meal plans (non-required) to see your nutrition requirements in real food
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    Recommended foods list for each macronutrient group (protein, carbohydrates, fats)
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    Advanced hacks to use if/when you blow your nutritional targets out of the water so you can stay on course and maximize results

Mindset training/protocols designed to build bulletproof confidence in ex-athlete's 

Being lean and having a 6-pack & big arms is sweet, but that won't make you completely fulfilled. In order for that to happen, you must bulletproof your mindset. Our coaching utilizes techniques designed to enhance belief, self-confidence, motivation & overall happiness. These are the exact methods I used to pull myself out of a dark hole with zero confidence and regain control of my life. The same ones I've used to help a number of clients just like you do the same. 

Accountability & Support

You can have the perfect plan but without the proper accountability and support there's a high chance of failure and/or sub-optimal results. That is why each client gets invited into a private Facebook support group. 

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    Bi-weekly coaching check-ins, adjustments, and program optimizations 
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    Team environment to support, encourage, motivate, and hold each other accountable
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    Unlimited email communication with me with primary response times

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